21 Love quotes

21 Love quotes

21 Quotes About Love (pictures and images.
Do you ever fall in love? Do you have ever something very special feelings  for some one? Do you miss someone when you are far away from that person? Do you want to spent your time with someone only? Do you miss the moments that you spend with someone? If yes then that is love. Love is very special feelings which make you feel different for someone. Love make you happy and make you live a best life. Love is all about care and attentions. It is all about you how you deal your partner and how you respect your lover.
You should be positive in your dealings of love and care. To make the relation stronger you need to be loyal with your relations. Positive thinking in every relation make the relation more stronger. You speak truth with your lover and try to express the person your real face. It is very easy to speak a lie but once it will shown to that person it will spoil your relations. So if you want your relations for ever than try to be real in your all dealings with the relations.
In this article you will see  positive quotes about love. These quotes are use to express love to your partner. You can download these quotes and share them with others as well.
Quotes about love
Stand for something
Love is deaf

Awkward moment

voice for kindness

Is all about you

I love u so much


You are the best

Be happy

Beautiful person

I love u


Ability to see

Best woman ever

My evething

Together forever




King of heart
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